Tackle Your Feelings launches Schools App

Tackle Your Feelings launches Schools App

Rugby Players Ireland and Zurich have launched the new Tackle Your Feelings Schools mental wellbeing pilot programme and App as part of the second phase of the #ImTakingControl campaign. Ireland & Munster Rugby Player and campaign ambassador, Eimear Considine is encouraging students across the island of Ireland to ‘Take Control’ and proactively care for their mental wellbeing as part of their daily routines.

The Tackle Your Feelings ‘Take Control’ campaign aims to promote a proactive attitude towards mental health and to provide people with the tools to ‘Take Control’ of their mental wellbeing using principles from both sport and positive psychology. The Tackle Your Feelings Schools pilot programme is classroom-based, with designated wellbeing classes running in the last term of the 2020 academic year. The programme is aimed at Transition Year students (or equivalent) who are about to embark on their next steps into the senior cycle of their secondary education. Multiple schools across the island of Ireland have been recruited to pilot the programme and their students will work to develop coping skills and enhance their support networks, putting them in the best position to ‘Take Control’ of their mental wellbeing.

The programme is designed to instil a positive approach to mental health and wellbeing among young people, reducing stigma around mental health and encouraging the development of positive wellbeing habits which they can bring into adulthood.  

Recent research, commissioned by Zurich & Rugby Players Ireland and conducted by iReach with parents across the island of Ireland revealed:

  • One in five parents don’t believe their child understands the importance of mental wellbeing
  • 68% of parents agreed that schools prioritise their child’s physical health over their mental health
  • One in four children have missed school due to issues around their mental wellbeing
  • 86% of parents believe more needs to be done in school to help their child take control of their mental wellbeing
  • 84% of parents agree that seeing role models like rugby players ‘taking control’ of their mental wellbeing empowers their child to start talking
  • 68% of parents believe their child will be more likely to discuss the topic of mental wellbeing with their friends if they download the Tackle Your Feelings App and complete the programme


The TYF [Tackle Your Feelings] Schools App has been designed to work as part of a classroom programme with students guided through relevant resources, completing exercises which enhance their awareness and knowledge of relevant mental wellbeing topics. The App has been designed in a linear format with each resource building from the previous one, once a resource is complete, the next will unlock. There are also some unique features within the app like player videos and a custom designed game.

Commenting on the launch of the new Tackle Your Feelings Schools pilot programme, Ireland and Munster Rugby Player & campaign ambassador Eimear Considine said:

“I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for the Tackle Your Feelings Schools pilot programme and App and to tell my own story of how going through personal loss when I was in school  has helped shape who I am today, as a rugby player, teacher and friend. As a secondary school teacher, I can really see how students would benefit from a programme like Tackle Your Feelings. It is important for students to acknowledge when they’re feeling down and not let those feelings consume them. Talking to friends and family is not a weakness, it just makes them aware of how you’re feeling and being in a good place mentally and emotionally enables you to excel in all aspects of life!”



Anthony Brennan, CEO, Zurich Ireland said:

We at Zurich are delighted to support this schools pilot programme for Tackle Your Feelings with Rugby Players Ireland. The research shows that seeing role models like rugby players ‘taking control’ of their mental wellbeing empowers all of us to start talking, across schools and wider society. We believe the new schools pilot programme and App will encourage students to be more proactive when it comes to minding their own mental health and wellbeing and help to incorporate mental wellbeing into their daily routine.”


Tackle Your Feelings, Campaign Manager, Rugby Players Ireland, Hannah McCormack, said:

“We’re excited to launch the Tackle Your Feelings schools pilot programme and App as part of the #ImTakingControl campaign, supported by Zurich. This pilot programme aims to break down stigma and encourage students to become more proactive about looking after their mental wellbeing. It is great to be working with an ambassador like Eimear Considine who, as a teacher, understands how this programme is necessary in today’s classroom, and as a rugby player has the power to inspire young people and help to destigmatise mental wellbeing. There is also a chance for parents to become part of the TYF community and keep up to date on the latest Tackle Your Feelings news by downloading the App and following Tackle Your Feelings on Instagram.”


Tackle Your Feelings is an innovative and unique approach to breaking down stigma around emotional wellbeing. Built on a foundation of diversity and inclusion, the campaign encompasses the whole island of Ireland and features some of Ireland’s most loved rugby players leading from the front, opening up about their own mental wellbeing challenges and the strategies they used to overcome them, so that young people of Ireland can follow their lead.

Since its launch in 2016, Tackle Your Feelings has impacted the lives of people all over the world, with campaign content being viewed in excess of 23 million times. TYF has motivated people to be more proactive when it comes to looking after their mental wellbeing and has increased awareness around the importance of taking care of your mental health. TYF has also reached international audiences and has inspired similar campaigns across the globe, including; The English Rugby Players’ Association (RPA), ‘Lift the Weight’ campaign, New Zealand Rugby’s ‘HeadFirst’ campaign and Tackle Your Feelings Australia, a collaboration between Zurich Australia, the AFLPA and AFLCA.

For more information on Tackle Your Feelings follow the Instagram account @tyf or visit the website which will share videos, updates on events and competitions.

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