Rugby Players Ireland is fully empowered by our membership to represent them on issues of importance in their game, as well as prioritising their welfare and safeguarding their rights.

Collective Representation

Rugby Players Ireland is mandated by its members to act in their collective best interest in relation to player welfare and issues affecting the game in Ireland. The association acts as a conduit for member concerns and provides a platform whereby issues surrounding their welfare can be raised at the highest levels by the Rugby Players Ireland Executive Board, led by CEO Simon Keogh and

Chairperson Peter O’Mahony. Rugby Players Ireland represents its members on many national executives and committees to ensure its concerns and opinions are voiced. As valued stakeholders in the game, the players should be effectively represented to promote their views to further the growth and success of Irish Rugby.

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Insurance, Medical & Tax Advice


All IRFU contracted players are provided with personal accident cover for death/permanent total disability from any occupation (including playing the Game) including the loss of or loss of use of limb(s), loss of sight and accidental death or bodily injury while playing training or travelling at the request of the IRFU.
Rugby Players Ireland encourages players to look at additional top up insurance policies which are available in the market.


Rugby Players Ireland have worked with the IRFU to establish a clear and transparent process for players when injured for longer periods of time/have career ending injuries. Understanding the contractual entitlements whilst injured is extremely important with Rugby Players Ireland providing clarity to players who are unsure of their rights.


Rugby Players Ireland has a network of tax experts which it can connect players to however we can provide information and advice on tax issues common to its members including Sportsman’s Tax Relief and Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax.

If you need any further information on this, please contact Simon Keogh at simon@rugbyplayersireland.ie

Rugby Players Ireland Foundation

The Rugby Players Ireland Foundation aims to provide financial and practical support for players and their families who find themselves in difficult situations such as career ending injury, illness or disability. As a registered charity the support provided by the Foundation will take many forms including financial assistance, help with medical treatment, rehabilitation equipment, counselling and education. The Foundation provides an emergency support for those who are struggling in various ways while also giving players the opportunity to be part of a ‘players supporting players’ community. 

If you required more information regarding the Foundation you can contact us at foundation@rugbyplayersireland.ie

Agent Registration

Together with the IRFU, the RFU and the WRU, Rugby Players Ireland has worked on the production of a common set of regulations for agents acting on behalf of players acting in Ireland, England and Wales. All agents acting in these countries are required to register with either Rugby Players Ireland or the RFU. The Agent Regulations are incorporated in the IRFU’s Regulations under Regulation 11 Download PDF

A full list of Irish registered agents is available  here

A full list of RFU and WRU registered agents is available here

The process of becoming an agent is subject to the following requirement:

1. Fill out an application (including references);
2. Complete exam;
3. Where applicable attend interview
4. Pay an initial fee of €700 (€120 every year after that to maintain registration);
5. Agree to adhere to the regulations;
6. Provide proof of professional indemnity insurance (once the exam has been passed);
7. Provide a standard player agent agreement; and
8. Attend an annual agent workshop (either attend the RFU seminar in London or the Rugby Players Ireland seminar in Dublin).
For further information, please contact: Richard McElwee on richard@rugbyplayersireland.ie