Strengthening the voice of organised European athletes

Strengthening the voice of organised European athletes

After several months of consultation and cooperation, EU Athletes is proud to publish the newest Common Position Paper of the Member of European Elite Athletes Association. Following on previous documents published in 2016 and 2018, the Paper presents the agreed positions of player unions and associations representing over 25,000 athletes in various sports and countries across Europe on 12 topics that have been identified as fundamental for professional and elite athletes:

1. Athlete rights are human rights
2. Athletes as workers
3. Good governance in sport
4. Economic dimension of sport
5. Match-fixing
6. Anti-doping
7. Dual career, personal development and wellbeing
8. Access to justice
9. Women’s sport
10. Recovery and sustainability of the sport sector
11. ‘European Sport Model’ according to organised athletes
12. Solidarity, partnerships and cooperation

With the 2022 Common Position Paper, EU Athletes reiterates that every athlete has a right to a sporting environment that is well governed and respect their rights as people, citizens and workers.
We also believe that sport can and should have a positive impact on the wider society, contributing to the promotion of fundamental values and fostering development.

Paulina Tomczyk, the General Secretary, said ‘Our Common Position Paper is an important tool that strengthen the voice of organised European athletes. Thanks to this document, we are able to advocate and defend the positions agreed by legitimate representatives of several thousands of athletes at the European and international level. We are committed to working together with governments, international organisations and sport organisations to achieve the goals set up in the document.’ 

2022 Common Position Paper

For further information contact Paulina Tomczyk, General Secretary

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