EU Sport Integrity Day

EU Sport Integrity Day

Every year on the 15th of April, the #EUSportIntegrityDay campaign offers an opportunity to speak out against match fixing and demonstrate dedication to protecting the integrity of sport. EU Athletes started this initiative in 2014, and it has continued to grow ever since, with new stakeholders expressing their support each year. In 2023, the campaign has already received strong support from the player movement, including associations representing a variety of sport including handball, basketball, volleyball, rugby and futsal as well as multisport national unions.

This year, as a part of Erasmus + project PROtect Integrity Online co-funded by the European Union, an animated video in English, Spanish, Italian, Danish, and French languages was created to ensure that the message is received by as many stakeholders in their native languages. Players, coaches, officials, and support staff at all levels should know the threats of match fixing and applicable policies in their sport. 

The integrity of sport is a top priority for EU Athletes and its members. Match fixing presents a major threat to the integrity of sport and can have a detrimental effect on the whole sport sector and people involved. In recent years, match fixing rapidly expanded to new forms and new areas due to the increasing digitisation and changing sporting environment.

Athlete and player associations regularly educate athletes on emerging methods of manipulating the competition to ensure that athletes can detect the fixer and report the case immediately. In turn, secure and effective ways of reporting match fixing cases must be established and supported in all sports and countries so that reports are not left unnoticed. To fight match fixing effectively, we need to cooperate locally, nationally, internationally and share our knowledge and expertise. 

Join us! Make your stand against match fixing on #EUSportIntegrityDay and share it on social media platforms.

Find out more about the campaign at #EUSportIntegrityDay website

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